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Xu Hướng 9/2023 # Unique Experiences In Lan Vuong Ben Tre Tourist Area # Top 18 Xem Nhiều

Bạn đang xem bài viết Unique Experiences In Lan Vuong Ben Tre Tourist Area được cập nhật mới nhất tháng 9 năm 2023 trên website Avwg.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

Guide to Lan Vuong Ben Tre tourist area

Lan Vuong Ben Tre tourist area is only about 85km from Saigon, so if you want to choose an address that can go back in the day, save travel time, this is the best choice for you.

From Saigon, you can easily find your way to this resort. The way to move is extremely convenient and varied. Depending on the schedule and actual needs, visitors choose for themselves the most suitable means such as by car, motorbike or passenger car at a fairly cheap cost.

The entrance to the tourist area creates an impression of a spacious and green land.

The tourist area is taking over the waves and in the list of the most attractive destinations of this western tourist is quite easy to find. If you go from Saigon via NH1A through Tan Tao – Cho Dem, you should follow the route to turn to Highway 01 (CT01), through Highway 60, you will quickly reach Lan Vuong tourist area . Because this area is located right in front of the provincial road 887 (right opposite the People’s Committee of Phu Nhuan commune).

The exact address of this tourist area is Provincial Road 887, Hamlet 2, Phu Nhuan Commune, Ben Tre City. If you choose the Saigon – Ben Tre bus as the means of transportation, just buy a bus ticket from reputable garage like Phuong Trang, Thao Chau with the ticket price of 65,000 VND / person / person and get on the bus. Famous resort without spending much time.

All interesting activities at Lan Vuong tourist area

You will enjoy floating on the river and enjoy the cool and fresh air at Lan Vuong resort.

Along with the blossoming of ecotourism and horticultural tourism in western tourist destinations, Lan Vuong tourist area was born and quickly became the favorite tourist destination of Ben Tre of many tourists. guest.

This place is not only considered as a paradise of entertainment and entertainment with a large area but also gives tourism an open space and a peaceful and poetic scene. Because from the beginning this tourist area is originally unspoiled fields. After being planned and oriented to become a tourist area, it has been designed in the model of a garden tourism model with highlights of the experience of learning Western culture , playing and eating according to the characteristics of Southern region.

When wondering where Western tourists should go, Lan Vuong is the ideal destination for you.

Another feature of Lan Vuong that attracts many visitors is that there is a small river that stretches across the area. This tourist destination is suitable for groups of friends or family to explore the natural ecological environment and participate in exciting fun activities.

Especially, if you come here on normal days other than Tet, you also get free entrance fee. The tour and play program in Lan Vuong tourist area is very diverse and there is no shortage of unique parts. Here, you and your family can eat and drink Western delicacies, visit and play a variety of games: tradition is also new and new, there is no shortage of strong feelings such as: boating on the river, slapping ditch Catch fish, water bike, rope swing, blindfold, duck, potato digging, fishing, treasure hunt, …

Boating with friends on the river is an enjoyable experience at Lan Vuong resort.

In addition, visitors can also enjoy the show of amateurs, sing karaoke, or more fun, organize a campfire overnight … More interesting is the show to try or wear all day in bold outfits. Nam Bo quality like Ba Ba clothes, extremely cute bandana wrap. With this standard western costume, do not forget to check-in these beautiful sparkling pictures here.

Here is a list of extremely attractive entertainment programs at Lan Vuong tourist area:

1. Boating on the river for sightseeing

Like Bao Thach Ben Tre ecotourism zone or My Khanh Can Tho tourist area , Lan Vuong also owns a spacious and airy landscape of rivers, typical canals in the West. That’s why when you come here you should not miss the experience of sitting on a canoe and enjoying the beautiful river. It will definitely enjoy being floating on the river and feeling the cool, fresh air in this land.

Visiting Lan Vuong tourist area, you cannot ignore the experience of sitting on a canoe and glancing at the peaceful scenery here.

In addition to glancing at the peaceful scenery here, you can also experience the canoeing activity by yourself under the guidance of the tour guide. This is a game that is often included in the program Tour team building of the West of many travel companies.

Because it is a team game, excitement and excitement are the two most constant emotions when participating in this game. Especially when being with his teammates pushing the paddle as hard as possible, bringing the boat forward in the constant cheers of the people and tourists around. Do not miss this interesting experience.

2. Slap fishing ditch

Folk games are also an attractive highlight in Lan Vuong tourist area . The airy and windy space under the sweltering western sun also makes this place an ideal place to organize folk entertainment activities like slapping fish ditches.

The game of slapping fish ditch attracts many tourists to participate.

If you want to try the feeling of becoming a real Western farmer, do not forget to register for this game. You will be able to catch fish by yourself and if you sign up for the package, the catch will be processed into food for your group to enjoy.

3. Visit and enjoy delicious food at the fruit garden

A characteristic of the West in general and ecotourism areas in particular is that there are always many orchards with all kinds of fresh and seasonal fruits. Therefore, visitors to Lan Vuong will discover the natural ecological environment through the orchards and of course, there is no shortage of island exploration, enjoying all the most attractive fruits here.

Like other tourist resorts in Ben Tre, Lan Vuong also ‘treats’ visitors with dozens of delicious fruits.Breast milk and durian in season are popular with many tourists because of their freshness but extremely cheap. The orchards of Lan Vuong tourist resort are not only diverse in fruits such as green grapefruit, An Phuoc plum, green siamese coconut, pineapple coconut, … but also airy and extremely cool. For those of you who love garden travel, love coconut land, this is the ideal place if you are wondering what to play in Ben Tre ? .This is also the place to take birth photos of garden and water.

In addition, the gardens at this tourist area also serve many typical and unique dishes of Dong Khoi land such as coconut palm, grilled snakehead fish, fish hot pot, …

4. Cycling over the monkey bridge

Cycling over the monkey bridge is one of the nail games, creating the attraction of folk games at Lan Vuong tourist area . But the force of participation and support is most numerous are young people. Anybody join not avoid the fall, remember that life is laughing all the way down to just bring laughter and cheery for the vehicle m around.

In addition, the list of interesting games that are extremely special at Lan Vuong is still very long such as blindfolding, catching ducks, fishing, finding treasure, swinging, swinging, monkey bridge, …

What to eat in Lan Vuong tourist area?

The challenge of cycling over the homemade monkey bridge attracts a lot of young people.

Western cuisine in particular and Ben Tre cuisine is always an impressive point, attracting many visitors to enjoy. Therefore, it is very easy to understand when the dishes at Lan Vuong tourist area are quite delicious and attractive, with a strong flavor of gardens and rivers.

The menu of the resort is extremely diverse and reasonably priced. Visitors here need to have a big hungry stomach to be able to freely choose and try all the familiar and strange dishes such as pancakes, grilled snakehead fish, fried chicken wings with fish sauce, lemongrass beef, …

All delicious grilled chicken forgot to return to the far away chúng tôi beef looks very attractive. The list of food menus at Lan Vuong is very diverse and popular. Visitors can refer to the dishes that are voted the best here such as boiled shrimp in coconut water, coconut shell salad, shrimp meat, fried fish, fish hot pot of all kinds, cockle porridge, clam soup, wild boar , BBQ Chicken,…Delicious and attractive grilled snakehead fish at Lan Vuong tourist area.

One point to note is Lan Vuong Tourist Area has a surcharge for beer and soft drinks when guests bring from outside with the fee of: 100,000 VND / barrel.

Experience while having fun at Lan Vuong resort

If you are traveling with a group of friends, you should not choose a motorbike or individual vehicle but rent a car, choose a bus or taxi (when moving near) will be the best choice for you because it is both safe and cheap.

Since this is a place where there are many games to roll, don’t be afraid to get dirty, you should not forget to bring shampoo, shower gel to bathe after swimming in the mud, bathing in the river.

To add more excitement you can hire a cheerleader.

You can prepare food to bring but not recommended because there is no shortage of delicious dishes here.

Ticket price Lan Vuong tourist area

Quickly form a team to quickly explore this luxurious tourist area.

First and foremost is the entrance ticket. The best thing about it is that when you come to Lan Vuong, you will get FULL FREE gate tickets. Except for Holidays, New Year: Lunar New Year, Anniversary of the To, April 30 – May 1, the tourist area will collect entrance tickets with the fee of 30 thousand VND / person. For more details and the most accurate, you can call Hotline: 0939.930.879 offline!

Another plus point of Lan Vuong tourist area is that it has a very spacious, airy, protected car park with the following parking fees:

2-wheel motorbike: 5,000 VND / unit.

4-wheel travel vehicle: free of charge.

When entering Lan Vuong tourist area, you can register to rent Ba Ba furniture to facilitate participation in folk games with specific costs as follows:

– Lady’s clothes (depending on visitors choose color and size): 30k / set.

– Canoeing or canoeing for sightseeing: VND 50k / unit / 4 people / 1.5 hour.

– Slapping a ditch to catch fish with teammates: 800k / canal / 10 snakehead fish (over 30 people)

– Swinging rope, monkey bridge without armrest. Only this game is free.

– Water bike: only 10k / ticket for 3 runs.

– Blindfolded duck catching: Service fee is 300k / about 3 for each game. If you finish playing this game and you want to buy duck processed as your option, then 300k / bird.

– Digging potatoes: Potato’s service charge and processing is always 300k / 5kg. With this amount, it will be better to join in groups.

– Fire and camping (applicable to groups of 30 guests): The fee depends on the organization of your group.

Laughing freely with difficult games, but it brings absolute relief.

Detailed information about tourist area Lan Vuong Ben Tre

Address: Provincial Road 887, Hamlet 2, Phu Nhuan Commune, Ben Tre City

Contact: Tel: 02753.838.030 or 0919.030.044

Opening hours: 7am – 10pm

Lan Vuong tourist area is an emerging and increasingly popular tourist attraction in Ben Tre. With the features of a tourist area in the river, this place is very suitable for groups of friends and family. Especially if you want to organize picnics, team building with large groups of people. Surely you will have an extremely unique and interesting experience with attractive folk games and enjoy a variety of cuisines but also Western. If you want to go somewhere not too far at the weekend but still have enough fun, choose Lan Vuong Ben Tre.

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Từ khoá: Unique experiences in Lan Vuong Ben Tre tourist area

Ben Dinh In Ho Chi Minh City

Ben Dinh Tunnels, a section of the Cu Chi Tunnels network, are famous worldwide and used during the Vietnam War. Located around 50 kilometers in the north of Ho Chi Minh City, it is preserved well until now. When coming to this place, you can know more about the life of the North Vietnamese and explore a specifically designed establishment used by Vietnamese soldiers as their base of operations during their resistance against the American forces.

History of Ben Dinh

Cu Chi Tunnels, the complex underground tunnels, were built for locals from 1948 and then a secret base. From 1945 to 1975, this was expanded and served for military and local purposes.

Cu Chi Tunnels are divided into many levels with 250 kilometers in length. The well-preserved Cu Chi Tunnels area includes two sections. They are Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc.

Ben Dinh is nearer to the city center. To Ben Duoc, it is also further away from Ho Chi Minh City compared to Ben Dinh (30 minutes extra time).

Besides Saigon River, the Ben Dinh Tunnels, the base of Cu Chu District Commissioners, are the perfect location for military purposes. They could get away from US soldiers when they found their location.

Highlights of Ben Dinh

When entering Ben Dinh, you can see the whole map of all tunnel system. Then you can see bunkers and watch documentaries about the place.

The journey of discovering the tunnels starts with a small door. In the tunnels, you can see their weapons against their enemies, meeting room, surgery room, weapon storage, etc.

Besides the tunnels, you can see a tank body in the woods, weapons, a B52 crater, etc. and know how to make soldiers’ clothes and recycle broken tires to have their rubber shoes.

What to Do in Ben Dinh

There are many activities for you at Ben Dinh. You can discover the area, go deeply into the tunnels, see the traps, take the photos, and shoot in a shooting range!

Ben Dinh has a shooting range. If you want to shoot, your health has to be in good conditions and your age is above 18. There are so many kinds of guns, from AK 47, M16 to Machine gun M30 and M60. The price of bullets is variable. The cheapest is CARBIN (US$ 1.1 / bullet) to the most expensive AK 47, M60 (US$ 1.8 / bullet).

What & Where to Eat?

In Cu Chi, there are two things you must taste.

1. Local Beef

(source: monngonsaithanh)

This is boiled beef with the meat meticulously cooked with spices and herbs to make the meat soft, sweet and delicious. Guests should wrap the meat with cucumber, vegetables and dip the roll into a bowl of fish sauce to enjoy.

Address: 8 Nguyen Giao Street, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours: 8:30 – 20:30 daily

Price: from US $ 5.5 to 7.5

2. Nuoc Mia Sau Rieng (Durian Sugarcane Juice)


This juice will help you restrain your energy after a rough tour. With a durian favor, this can make you feel amazing!

Address: 259A Quoc Lo 22, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours: 7:00 – 18:00 daily

Price: 20,000 VND (0.8 USD)

Entrance fee: 110,000 VND/person

How to Get to Ben Dinh 1. By Motorbike or Car

Most tour companies always have tours to Ben Dinh by motorbike or car. It will take around 1,5 hours from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. They are mainly having half-day tours, that will help you know more about this land!

2. By Boat

If you are interested in discovering by boats, there are a couple of boat tour services offering service to the Cu Chi Tunnels such as the Saigon Boat Company or Saigon River Tour, Les Rives.

3. By Taxi

If you go there by bus, you will pay about 65 USD in both ways as it is a 120-kilometer journey.

4. By Public Bus

Apart from taking a motorcycle or a car by yourself, you can also take the public bus to the Ben Dinh Tunnel. You only need to catch the bus to get to Ben Dinh. Take bus #70. The total traveling time is about two and a half hours and the price will be about 26,000 VND (just over 1 USD).

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Từ khoá: Ben Dinh in Ho Chi Minh City

Top 10 Most Famous Tourist Destinations In Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is a beautiful city located in Binh Dinh province, which is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, charming mountains, and sincere and gentle people. If you visit this city once, you must not miss the following most famous tourist destinations in Quy Nhon and Binh Dinh.

Top 10 most famous tourist destinations in Quy Nhon Nhon Ly Beach

Nhon Ly Beach

Nhon Ly Beach

The most impressive in Nhon Ly is the small islands close together in the sea, in contrast to the gentle, clear water below. The clear blue water is always undulating, the high rocky mountainsides and weeds cover the mountains in carpets, the sound of the wind and the salty scent of the sea.

Hon Kho

If you are looking for a place that has a road through the sea, a wooden bridge that is virtual, wild, and not crowded, then Hon Kho Quy Nhon is a reasonable choice. Hon Kho (also known as Cu Lao Hon Kho) is one of 32 islands near the shore of Binh Dinh province located about 16 km from Quy Nhon city center. This is the rockiest beach, but it is a clean beach and retains its inherent natural beauty. In the rough sea season, Hon Kho welcomes the big waves crashing into the cliffs and then releases white foam-like sea flowers. The best season for you to visit this place is from March to September, you will be living in nature with green grass and freshwater cracking from the cliffs.

Hon Kho Quy Nhon

Hon Kho Quy Nhon

Hon Kho Island is sparsely populated, mainly fishermen with the main activity of fishing, so this place has a wild landscape of natural beauty. Interspersed between the rocky outcrops protruding into the sea are many attractive and smooth sandy beaches. Coming to Hon Kho Island, there are two interesting experiences that visitors cannot ignore: diving to see corals under the sea and conquering the rocky mountains on the island. In addition, the seafood here is also attractive to visitors with fresh, seasonal seafood and different ways of processing. Hon Kho Island, as its name suggests, is very dry, there are no green trees, no attractive slanting coconut trees, but Hon Kho has a strange charm, attracting a lot of young backpackers.

Cu Lao Xanh 

Cu Lao Xanh may be a name that is still strange to some people, but this is a beautiful island with an endless sea and blue sky. Cu Lao Xanh is a priceless gift that Mother Nature has bestowed on the land of Binh Dinh. Coming here, you will be immersed in the vast natural space, you can stand from the island to see the lighthouse sparkling day and night. Cu Lao Xanh always promises to bring tourists to Quy Nhon countless new and unforgettable experiences. Coming here, visitors can not only immerse themselves in the large fresh natural space but also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rustic life of the fishermen here.

Cu Lao Xanh

Cu Lao Xanh

Cu Lao Xanh is beautiful all year round, but you should avoid late July and August because this is the time when many storms will endanger your trip. In addition, you should not go in winter. The ideal time to explore the island is from February to June, September, and October. Coming to Cu Lao Xanh, you will have very interesting experiences such as walking, swimming, watching the sunrise, and watching coral. , watching the activities of fishermen… At Cu Lao Xanh, just walking on the water, you can meet coral clusters of all shapes and sizes. This place is also a seafood paradise for you, fresh seafood with very affordable prices.

Twin Towers

The Twin Towers is one of the unique architectural works that when it comes to Binh Dinh, every tourist wants to set foot in this Twin Tower. Why do we say that the Twin Towers is a unique architectural work because this is a cultural relic left by the Cham People? Thap Doi is one of eight remaining clusters of Cham Towers in Binh Dinh today, one of the architectural relics of Cham culture with unique religious colors. The name Twin Towers comes from the image of two towers standing parallel to each other, so the people here named it the twin towers. Here you can learn the culture of the Cham people with a little architectural art as well as the patterns and textures that the Cham people use to decorate.

Twin Towers – Quy Nhon

Twin Towers – Quy Nhon

The tower has a unique structure including two towers: the large tower is about 20 m high, the small tower is 18 m high, adjacent to each other. Inside the heart of Thap Doi, there was a stone mill to grind rice flour in the past, which later Kinh people also used to grind rice flour to process cakes. The outside is decorated with unique features such as idols, dancers, and Garuda bird statues. All are like a vivid picture that will surely attract visitors when coming here not to stop being curious and surprised about the Twin Towers structure. If you pay close attention, visitors coming here will see that in the two towers, the large tower is well-proportioned, the body and roof are handled delicately. The meticulousness of the Cham people will make you feel that this is really with the cultural identity of the nation.

Tien Sa Ghenh Rang

Referring to Quy Nhon tourism, it is impossible not to mention the extremely famous Ghenh Rang tourist area located near the city center, so this is a destination that attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Here, you will admire a beautiful natural beauty from Egg Stone Beach, Tien Sa Beach, or visit the tomb of talented but unlucky poet Han Mac Tu. Because of its unique beauty, Ghenh Rang has been ranked as a national monument by the Ministry of Culture and Information.

Tien Sa Ghenh Rang

Tien Sa Ghenh Rang

This place is famous for the rocky rapids located on the coast creating its unique feature, when the waves crash against the rocky shore, releasing white foam that makes people excited. In the Ghenh Rang communal house, the stones lie dormant with time, despite the wind and rain, the wind blowing the waves, it remains unchanged. Coming to Ghenh Rang, you will be able to walk on smooth round rocks like bird’s eggs, swim in the sea, soak in the characteristic blue water, and visit Ghenh Rang church. In addition, this place is also the resting place of the famous poet Han Mac Tu, loved by many generations. If you travel to Binh Dinh, remember to visit the Ghenh Rang tourist area to witness firsthand the scenery here as well as accumulate new insights to love your homeland, country, and people of Vietnam.

Queen Beach

Located in the territory of Ghenh Rang – an interesting tourist attraction of Binh Dinh, about 3 km southeast of Quy Nhon city, Hoang Hau beach is considered one of the most famous beautiful beaches. in Quy Nhon. Compared to other famous beaches like Nha Trang, Vung Tau, or Phu Quoc, Hoang Hau beach may still be quite unfamiliar to some people. But this is a beautiful beach and still retains its majestic wild beauty.

Queen Beach

Any visitor coming here will be impressed by the smooth, round green stones, which look like giant bird eggs lying on top of each other on the beach. With the beauty of colorful round pebbles lying under the water, you can freely play with the water and step on the rocks all day without losing interest. Around the shore are large rapids that welcome the crashing waves day and night and then release white water like winter snowflakes. Hoang Hau Beach is an attractive tourist destination for tourists when traveling to Quy Nhon. The airy, peaceful space with the clear blue water, in succession with the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, will all dispel the fatigue and worries of daily life, giving visitors the most wonderful experiences. hours of comfort and relaxation.

Yen Island

Yen Quy Nhon Island has an interesting natural landscape, attractive by thousands of years old natural caves, towering rock arches, and dangerous caves crisscrossing the island’s heart. This is a destination that attracts a large number of tourists. Looking to the East of Quy Nhon city, the majestic Phuong Mai mountain range appears like a hero as a shield to protect the peaceful city. The nature on the mountain is as beautiful as a picture with the harmony of the mountains and rivers, the special thing in the high blue sky is the flock of swallows flying in the sky. Here, the specialty that cannot be ignored is the bird’s nest with a special and nutritious flavor that is loved by the whole world.

Yen Island

Yen Island

Yen Island is an interesting natural landscape, attractive by natural caves dating back thousands of years with stone arches like a dinosaur standing hundreds of meters away. When entering the cave, visitors can not help but be surprised by the majestic beauty that nature bestows on this place. Everywhere visitors can see the nests spread into large strips with the mother birds lovingly feeding the young birds. This is a prominent feature of Yen Island. This place is like a perfect art picture with both bad and real natural shapes, Yen Quy Nhon island is a place that visitors cannot ignore if they have the opportunity to travel to Binh Di

Quy Hoa Beach

Quy Hoa Beach is located quietly, gently, and discreetly in the heart of Quy Nhon city with one side facing the sea, the other three sides are covered by mountains and forests and immense green trees. Quy Hoa Beach is as beautiful as a poetic oil painting with the blue color of the seawater, the white color of the sand running like a wave to tourists.

Quy Hoa Beach

Quy Hoa Beach

Quy Hoa beach appears as a poetic picture that mother nature bestows on the people of martial arts. This place has clear blue sea water and white sand stretching to the horizon. Passing the smooth white sand beach are undulating, craggy, and spectacular rapids that adorn this land. Quy Hoa Beach has a fresh climate, gentle wind, and gentle waves that make visitors feel like being patted and soothed by their mother’s hand as a child. When coming here, you can also take a boat out to distant islands located in the ocean to admire the beautiful natural scenery.

Thi Nai Lagoon

Thi Nai Lagoon is the convergence of the flows of the Kon and Ha Thanh tributaries. These two rivers have filled the water in Thi Nai lagoon, contributing to painting a charming watercolor painting that attracts tourists from near and far. At any time of the day, the Thi Nai lagoon is also beautiful, since the morning sun shines a warm light on the lagoon. Meanwhile, the magical purple-red sunset covers the lagoon, when the full moon is empty, the lagoon becomes fanciful like a fairyland.

Thi Nai Lagoon

Thi Nai Lagoon

Thi Nai lagoon is the lagoon containing the most seafood in Binh Dinh with a width of more than 4 km and a length of more than 10 km. In the lagoon, there is a small mountain like a tower, on the mountain are small temples that people here set up to worship the water god, hoping for a peaceful and favorable business. Coming to this place, in addition to the attraction of enjoying seafood, another great thing is to welcome the dawn every morning when the sun glimmers through the ravine, letting its golden rays fall on the sparkling lake. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to float on a small boat, go along the waves, admire the immense scenery of the lagoon and explore the fisherman’s life with many interesting experiences.

Long Khanh Pagoda

Long Khanh Pagoda is more than 300 years old, located at 141 Tran Cao Van Street, Le Loi Ward, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province. Experiencing many events and ups and downs in the history of the temple, the temple has no longer kept its original architecture, but it still exudes dignity and respect in the heart of the bustling Quy Nhon city center.

Long Khanh Pagoda

Long Khanh Pagoda

Long Khanh Pagoda is considered the Buddhist center of Binh Dinh province. The pagoda has long been a religious destination for many Buddhists as well as a meaningful tourist destination for tourists near and far. With unique architecture, the temple is a peaceful place to meditate and also a place to learn about construction architecture for many people. Currently, every summer every year, Long Khanh Pagoda often organizes retreats for thousands of young people, thereby helping young people have meaningful experiences in the summer and have more peace of mind in the summer. bustling life.

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Từ khoá: Top 10 most famous tourist destinations in Quy Nhon

4 Delicious, Affordable Lunch Shops In The Area Of ​​Polytechnic University, National Economy

Dai Co Viet area, the beginning of Giai Phong is also called by many people as the “Bach Kinh Construction” area because there are three famous universities here, namely Bach Khoa, National Economics and Construction. Because there are so many universities, this area also has a lot of eateries, from full meals to snacks. So if you are hungry in Bach Kinh Xay area, what will you eat? Let’s discover 4 good quality restaurants with affordable prices here.

1. Hai Duong sticky rice

To be fair, this is not an excellent or outstanding restaurant in terms of taste, but it is a lunch address you should try in the Bach Kinh Xay area. The menu of the restaurant consists of two main dishes: sticky rice and fish noodles. Hot and flexible sticky rice has many side dishes such as eggs, braised meat, fried rice, sausages, .. for you spoiled for choice. Fish vermicelli here has an aromatic, rich, and flavorful broth. In particular, the fish here is very delicious, the bite of fish is full of mouth, crispy outside, soft inside.

Photo: anchoi_holic

The shop has free iced tea and pineapple ginseng and you can pour more according to your drinking power. In terms of space, the shop is quite small, coming at noon may have to wait a bit long, but in return the owner is friendly and welcoming to guests.

Photo: anchoi_holic

Address: 53 Tran Dai Nghia, Hai Ba Trung

Opening hours: 7-14h, 18h30-22h

Price: 20 thousand to 40 thousand VND

2. Bach Khoa rice bowl

Students and office workers around the Bach Kinh Building area must be no stranger to the Bach Khoa rice bowl restaurant. As the name suggests, instead of serving the rice in a bowl, the plate will be stored in an ice bowl so it is still hot and retains the full flavor of the dish. The rice menu at the restaurant has many dishes such as pan-fried chicken bowl, beef, and goose breast, but the most outstanding thing is still the rice bowl with char siu.

The rice in the bowl is crispy and fragrant, and the char siu meat is rich and tender, but without residue. A portion of rice comes with pickles and a bowl of soup, enough for an afternoon if you don’t know what to eat. In addition to the one-dish bowl, you can choose two or three types of food. The space is spacious and airy, suitable for a group of friends or family to have lunch.

Photo: minhnguyet.n_

Photo: phu0nganh

Address: 157 Tran Dai Nghia, Hai Ba Trung

112K2 lane 48 Ta Quang Buu, Hai Ba Trung

Opening hours: 9:30am – 9:30pm

The price of rice is from 49,000 to 69,000 VND

3. Grilled spring rolls with Yen Beo

If starchy dishes make you bored easily, or simply, you need to lose weight, like to eat rolls, lunch at Yen Beo grilled spring rolls is a suggestion to try. The shop is located near Bach Khoa Stadium, the space is not too large, but the shop is clean, cool, and has air conditioning for hot days.

The restaurant’s food is presented in a pretty face with grilled children, ram rolls, cucumbers, sour mannequins, raw vegetables, and pho. Delicious grilled spring rolls are seasoned to taste, rolled with sour and sour vegetables, added crispy ram rolls, dipped with a smooth, fragrant dipping sauce with dried onion flavor. In addition to grilled spring rolls, the shop also sells snail dishes, stir-fried quail with tamarind, West Lake shrimp cakes,…

The food in the tray is quite nice. Photo: bachuaviahe

Photo: gdbaby1881988

Address: kiosk 4 stands B Bach Khoa Stadium, Hai Ba Trung

Opening hours: 9am-22pm

Price: From 30 to 35 thousand / serving

4. Noodle soup in Ngoc Dung ancient town

Located in Tu Do alley, which is already famous for its student restaurants, Ngoc Dung vermicelli is different from other shops in its outstanding quality. The shop only has two dishes: mixed vermicelli and bun cha. A serving of bun cha here has meat, fish sauce, soft fragrant rolls and rich dipping sauce. Mixed vermicelli with sweet and sour water mixed with pickles is very mouth-watering.

The shop is quite small, but there are always enough seats for guests, even if you come at the busiest times, rest assured that you will be served very quickly.

Address: kiosk 6 houses 8 Tu Do lane, Hai Ba Trung

Opening hours: 7-22h

Price: From 25,000 VND

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The Unique Bone Specimen Hobby Of Saigon Men

Nghia Nguyen (HCMC) has been collecting animal bones for nearly 10 years, starting after a trip to Thailand and seeing people displaying all kinds of bones and stuffed specimens in the internal business area. Furniture at Chatuchak market, Bangkok. When he returned home, Mr. Nghia cherished the idea of ​​owning his own collection and so far, he has more than 100 specimens of different animals in hand.

Nghia Nguyen has a hobby of collecting animal bone specimens.

European style home decoration

Most of these unique decorations were collected by Mr. Nghia in the country or bought from Thailand. Among these, there are very rare specimens, such as the bone specimen of a horse of perfect height, for example.

The work that is most favored by Mr. Nghia, the most beautiful place in the house is the skeleton of a python. He bought it from a person who specializes in making specimens for museums with specimens from a longtime python breeder. The python was sick and died, but its skeleton after undergoing processing is very white and beautiful and is also arranged in a soft, artistic position on a black base.

Among the items that were difficult to obtain, Mr. Nghia mentioned the specimen of the Mahi Mahi fish. This is a fish that usually lives off the coast of temperate seas, quite large in size. When he found the specimen of this fish, it took a lot of work for Mr. Nghia to be able to move it back to Vietnam, due to its brittle and easily broken bones.

The specimen of the python is hung in a beautiful place in the house.

Template of the rare Mahi Mahi fish.

Using bone and animal-stuffed templates to decorate the house is a European style because of its magical beauty, but no less mysterious and attractive. Normally, the homeowner will leave a few specimens in the house as a highlight, but the case of collecting and displaying as many as Mr. Nghia is not everywhere.

The meaning of this template hobby is that instead of leaving it outside and rotting, animal carcasses will be brought back to be processed and prolong their presence in the world. In the cafe space of about 30m2, Mr. Nghia arranges skeletons of snakes, fish, bats, horses… on the wall, on wooden shelves, in glass cabinets. Meanwhile, stuffed specimens of large birds such as hawks, eagles, owls, crows, peacocks… also have their own “prime” positions.

In fact, in Vietnamese culture, animal bones are sometimes considered unlucky because they carry a lot of negative energy, so collecting animal specimens seems to be new and picky. However, the community playing bone specimens on Facebook also began to add more members, becoming a place to exchange knowledge and experience.

DIY template

Not only buying bone specimens from Thailand, Mr. Nghia Nguyen also processed many animal carcasses into specimens. To make the finished product, Mr. Nghia has to do many stages. The first is to filter out the meat to avoid damaging the skeleton. This is followed by soaking the bones in a chemical solution, extracting the marrow, soaking and drying in the sun. The final step is to assemble the bone fragments into a complete block.

At each step, players need to do it carefully to avoid broken bones. If it is possible to make the bones clean and dry, then it will be easier to preserve the bones later, and the bones will also be whiter and more perfect. Mr. Nghia often uses animal bones from familiar sources. In it, there is a specimen of a ferret that is a pet of a close friend. After the mink died, that friend gave it to Mr. Nghia and when it became a specimen, he placed it in a beautiful place in the house.

Mr. Nghia made animal bones by himself from experience accumulated over the years.

According to Mr. Nghia, preserving bone specimens is not difficult, just need to work hard to clean the dust and keep the house dry to be able to play for a long time. In the near future, he plans to expand the cafe still in the old style, so he will most likely also replenish his collection of bone specimens.

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Từ khoá: The unique bone specimen hobby of Saigon men

Thành Phố Bến Tre Có Gì Chơi ? Du Lịch Bến Tre Tự Túc A

Đến ᴠới хứ dừa Bến Tre, điều điểm đầu tiên mà du khách nhất định phải làm là tìm kiếm một khách ѕạn để tá túc ѕau đó mới đến ᴠiệc tham quan, khám phá thành phố. Thành phố Bến Tre là trung tâm kinh tế, ᴠăn hóa, хã hội của Bến Tre. Hơn thế, nơi đâу cũng có rất nhiều địa chỉ du lịch tham quan thú ᴠị mà du khách nên tìm đến. Du lịch Việt ᴠui хin được “bật mí” du lịch thành phố Bến Tre có gì chơi qua bài ᴠiết dưới đâу.

Bạn đang хem: Thành phố bến tre có gì chơi

1. Hồ Trúc Giang

Hồ Trúc Giang thường được biết đến là “Nét duуên của thành phố хứ Dừa” haу “ᴠiên ngọc хanh giữa lòng thành phố”. Trúc Giang còn có một cái tên khác là hồ Chung Thủу. Tương truуền đâу là nơi một đôi trai gái đã cùng nhau nhảу хuống tự ᴠẫn ᴠào thời хa хưa. Hai người уêu nhau nhưng không đến được ᴠới nhau ᴠì phong tục cổ hủ thời хưa quуết định cùng nắm taу nhau bước ѕang thế giới bên kia đã trở thành cảm hứng cho cái tên hồ Chung Thủу.

Hồ Trúc Giang tọa lạc tại phường 2, ngaу trung tâm của thành phố Bến Tre. Trúc Giang rộng khoảng 2ha ᴠà ѕở hữu một làn nước хanh biếc. Sáng ѕớm, người dân cũng như du khách đến đâу rất thích đi bộ quanh hồ hoặc tìm một quán cà phê ᴠà thưởng thức khung cảnh ở đâу. Mặt nước phẳng lặng như gương kết hợp ᴠới hàng câу phượng ᴠĩ, me tâу хanh ngát bên hồ khiến cho nơi đâу đẹp như một ᴠiên ngọc bích. Vào mùa hè, hàng phượng ᴠĩ nở hoa đỏ rực rỡ một góc trời càng làm tăng ᴠẻ lãng mạn cho không gian хung quanh hồ Trúc Giang. Đâу chắc chắn là một điểm đến lãng mạn tại thành phố Bến Tre mà du khách không nên bỏ qua.

2. Bảo tàng Bến Tre

Bảo tàng Bến Tre có địa chỉ tại ѕố 146, đường Hùng Vương, phường 3, thành phố Bến Tre. Bảo tàng Bến Tre là một ngôi nhà được хâу dựng theo kiến trúc Pháp, thời Pháp thuộc được хâу dựng làm Dinh Tham biện. Sau hiệp định Geneᴠe, dưới thời Mỹ – Diệm được biết đến là Dinh Tỉnh trưởng. Những nét đặc trưng kiến trúc Pháp được thể hiện rất rõ nét tại công trình nàу, nhất là những cánh cửa hình ᴠòm của ngôi nhà. Bảo tàng Bến Tre có kết cấu 2 tầng, diện tích 474 mét ᴠuông được хâу dựng trên mảnh đất rộng tới hơn 13.000 mét ᴠuông.

Bảo tàng Bến Tre tọa lạc tại một ᴠị trí hết ѕức đắc địa. Ba trong bốn cổng lớn tại bốn mặt của ngôi nhà hướng ra ba con đường chính: Hùng Vương, Cách Mạng Tháng Tám ᴠà Lê Đại Hành. Ngôi nhà nàу mang trong mình hơi thở của lịch ѕử хuуên ѕuốt từ thời kì chống Pháp cho đến tận ngàу naу. Nơi đâу đã từng chứng kiến ᴠô ѕố những ѕự kiện quan trọng trong hai cuộc kháng chiến ᴠĩ đại của dân tộc. Hiện naу, ngôi nhà đã được tu ѕửa lại để phù hợp ᴠới nhu cầu trưng bàу. Bảo tàng Bến Tre là điểm đến lịch ѕử tại thành phố Bến Tre ᴠà rất phù hợp ᴠới những du khách уêu thích tìm hiểu những điều trong quá khứ.

3. Khu du lịch Lan Vương

Rời хa không khí nhộn nhịp, ồn ào của trung tâm thành phố, du khách có thể tìm ᴠề ᴠới khu du lịch Lan Vương. Nơi đâу là địa chỉ ᴠui chơi thư giãn tại Bến Tre ᴠới những hoạt động ᴠà trải nghiệm thú ᴠị. Lan Vương nằm tại tỉnh lộ 887, ấp 2, хã Phú Nhuận, thành phố Bến Tre. Khu du lịch chỉ cách trung tâm thành phố Bến Tre 5km ᴠà trung tâm thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 85km. Đâу là địa điểm уêu thích của giới trẻ trong thời gian gần đâу.

Du khách tìm ᴠề ᴠới Lan Vương mong được đắm mình trong không gian thiên nhiên thanh mát, quên đi tất cả những mỏi mệt, những áp lực trong ѕuốt thời gian dài làm ᴠiệc, học tập. Đến ᴠới khu du lịch Lan Vương, du khách không chỉ được tận hưởng không gian ѕông nước miệt ᴠườn mà còn được tham gia các hoạt động ᴠăn hóa mang nét đặc trưng miền Tâу Nam Bộ. Những hoạt động chủ уếu ở đâу là dã ngoại, đi thuуền, câu cá, bắt cá… Ngoài ra, du khách cũng ѕẽ có cơ hội thưởng thức đặc ѕản miền Tâу ᴠới thực đơn rất phong phú mà giá cả lại phù hợp ᴠới túi tiền.

4. Khu du lịch Phú An Khang

Tìm đến địa chỉ ѕố 319 ấp Phú Lợi, thành phố Bến Tre, du khách ѕẽ bắt gặp một trong những địa chỉ du lịch ѕinh thái nổi tiếng nhất tại thành phố Bến Tre. Khu du lịch Phú An Khang luôn mở rộng cửa đón chào du khách đến tham quan ᴠà trải nghiệm tại đâу. Đâу cũng là nơi để trốn đi ѕự ᴠội ᴠã, mỏi mệt của chốn thành thị хa hoa, đông đúc.

Khu du lịch Phú An Khang cách trung tâm thành phố Hồ Chí Minh chỉ 86km nên ᴠiệc di chuуển đến đâу khá dễ dàng. Điều nàу cũng đồng nghĩa ᴠới ᴠiệc ᴠới ᴠiệc cứ mỗi dịp cuối tuần, nơi đâу đều đón hàng chục lượt khách đến ᴠà đi.

Những trò chơi dân gian đậm chất Tâу Nam Bộ là một trong những điểm cuốn hút du khách nhất khi đến ᴠới khu du lịch Phú An Khang. Chèo хuồng ba lá, làm bánh chuối nướng, tát mương bắt cá, bắt ᴠịt… đều là những hoạt động rất được уêu thích tại đâу. Hơn thế nữa, Phú An Khang cũng ѕở hữu cho mình một ᴠườn trái câу, đặc biệt là ᴠườn ѕơ ri Mỹ ѕẽ không làm du khách cảm thấу thất ᴠọng. Đồ ăn tại đâу có giá cả cũng rất phải chăng ᴠà đáng để thưởng thức.

5. Chợ đêm Bến Tre

Được thành lập ᴠà đưa ᴠào hoạt động năm 2012, chợ đêm Bến Tre là một địa điểm thú ᴠị tại thành phố Bến Tre phục ᴠụ nhu cầu mua ѕắm, giải trí ᴠà giao lưu ᴠăn hóa. Nằm dọc tuуến đường Phan Ngọc Tòng ᴠà Hùng Vương, chợ đêm Bến Tre ѕở hữu tới 183 gian hàng hoạt động từ 17h đến 22h hàng ngàу. Giá cả tại đâу tương đối rẻ phù hợp ᴠới túi tiền của rất nhiều người nên nơi đâу lúc nào cũng đông đúc ᴠà ѕầm uất.

Ngoài dịch ᴠụ mua bán, chợ đêm Bến Tre còn tổ chức được những hoạt động thương mại kết hợp du lịch ngắm cảnh. Khung cảnh lãng mạn ᴠào ban đêm tại bờ ѕông Bến Tre ᴠới những ánh đèn lung linh thu hút được rất nhiều du khách ᴠà cả cư dân tại đâу tìm đến ngắm nhìn. Chợ đêm Bến Tre là điểm du lịch ѕầm uất tại thành phố Bến Tre du khách nên ghé qua.

6. Chùa Viên Minh

Chùa Viên Minh, nguуên là một miếu thờ Quan Công tọa lạc tại ѕố 156 đường Nguуễn Đình Chiểu, phường 2, thành phố Bến Tre. Chùa được хâу dựng ᴠào năm 1874, хâу lại năm 1951 ᴠà hoàn thiện ᴠào năm 1959. Năm 2002, chùa Viên Minh được trùng tu một lần.

Trước đâу, chùa Viên Minh thờ Quan Thánh Đế ᴠà thờ Phật theo tín ngưỡng của người Hoa ᴠà người Việt. Sau nàу, chùa được trùng tu ᴠà bài trí lại đã thêm ᴠào hai bức tượng Quán Thế âm, Phật đài Thích Ca, hai pho tượng Phật A Di Đà ᴠà Thích Ca, chính điện cũng được làm lại khang trang hơn. Đâу là địa chỉ dành cho tín đồ Phật giáo tại thành phố Bến Tre.

7. Công ᴠiên Đồng Khởi

Công ᴠiên Đồng Khởi được хem là lá phổi хanh của thành phố Bến Tre, góp phần làm nên bộ mặt khang trang của thành phố Bến Tre hiện naу. Điểm nổi bật của công ᴠiên Đồng Khởi không chỉ là những rặng câу хanh mát mà còn là của tượng đài Đồng Khởi được đặt tại đâу. Ngoài ra ở công ᴠiên nàу còn có thêm một bức phù điêu khái quát cuộc Đồng Khởi năm 1960 ᴠà quá trình nhân dân Bến Tre quật cường chiến đấu trong chiến tranh chống Mỹ cứu nước. Đến đâу du khách ѕẽ cảm nhận được không gian thân thuộc ᴠà уên bình tuуệt ᴠời nhất. Đâу cũng là một trong những địa điểm check-in tại thành phố Bến Tre.

Chắc hẳn qua lời giới thiệu của Du lịch Việt Vui, du khách đã tìm được điểm đến phù hợp ᴠới bản thân mình khi đến thành phố Bến Tre. Chúc du khách có một chuуến đi thuận lợi ᴠà ᴠui ᴠẻ.

Cập nhật thông tin chi tiết về Unique Experiences In Lan Vuong Ben Tre Tourist Area trên website Avwg.edu.vn. Hy vọng nội dung bài viết sẽ đáp ứng được nhu cầu của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ thường xuyên cập nhật mới nội dung để bạn nhận được thông tin nhanh chóng và chính xác nhất. Chúc bạn một ngày tốt lành!